desarrollo de aplicaciones e-Mobility

As the prospect of mobility is being shaped by a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport, electric vehicles have become a reality to achieve efficient energy consumption and zero emissions in transport. 

In view of this fact, inductive components play a fundamental role for the automotive industry. On-board power supplies, whether traction or auxiliary, require a large number of inductive components. This is the case with insulation transformers, inductors for power factor correction, common mode chokes to eliminate electromagnetic interference or measuring current transformers, among others.

Each application has its own requirements, but they all match the properties of the amorphous and anocrystalline cores that we manufacture at ELESA. These types of cores offer a high saturation induction, permeabilities that can be adjusted in a wide range with very high maximum values, while having minimum losses. Therefore, they are optimal cores for the use frequencies of these electronic components and their need for miniaturisation.

aplicaciones e-Mobility

Elesa specialises in the mass production of cores for input inductance, as well as nanocrystalline cores for other applications. Our production has become a key part of electro-mobility systems nowadays.