Soldar con Plata

Silver soldering

¿Cómo Soldar con Plata?

Silver soldering can be used in the manufacture of electrical material when greater resistance than that obtained with tin soldering is required. Silver alloy soldering can be considered as capillary soldering.

Silver soldering is suitable for delicate work due to the special conditions of durability and strength it provides; because of this, it is used to solder other metals.

There are two types of silver soldering: hard and soft soldering. The former is identified by its high melting point and is a silver, copper and zinc alloy soldering, and is the one used at Elesa.

Piezas soldadas con Plata

Soldering rods are the most commonly used for soldering ferrous and non-ferrous metals; they are silver, copper and zinc alloys. Small amounts of silicon, tin, manganese and phosphorus can be added to confer a desired characteristic to the rods, such as increased tensile strength, reduced vapour production or increased ductility. These soldering rods must not be overheated.