ELESA offers quality solutions based on experience acquired over the years, and substantiated during the continued relationships with its customers and the knowledge of their needs. ELESA works together with its customers to offer technical advice during the project with the aim of achieving high-added-value products.

Technical advice

ELESA has a technical department with a strong team made up of 4 engineers who can provide technical support to the customer regarding welding and/or magnetism issues. The aim is to provide solutions to the customer, not just a product.


More than 30 years in the market offering high-quality products is our best calling card to our main stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers). It shows that they can trust in ELESA as a manufacturer of high-added-value solutions.


In the current dynamic, changing environment, the adaptation of the company to this new "modus operandi" is a priority for positioning itself in front of the competition. ELESA prides itself on being a very flexible company both internally, thanks to the training programs that achieve great versatility in the various production jobs, and externally due to the speed of response to customers in case of any technical queries or requirements, which guarantees the delivery of products within very short lead times.

Tailored projects

ELESA is happy to join the customer in designing the product that best suits its application, including the specific development of tools necessary for carrying out the project. A tailored project is common in our day-to-day work.